Our Experiments

  • Indri

    Pigment Dermagraphics Screenshot
    • Node.js
    • Javascript
    • jQuery
    • CSS3/SASS
    Indri is a client-side web file dialog for selecting files or specifying a destination in a remote file repository. It can be styled to integrate with web applications, and provides full configuration through rendering and file system plugins.
  • Instagram Social CMS

    Pigment Dermagraphics Screenshot
    • Instagram API
    • AngularJS
    • Responsive
    • CSS3
    The web app pings the Instagram API, grabbing all images using a specific hashtag and filtering the list of media based on specific users. Using infinite scrolling, the app grabs images in sets and lazy loads each image individually, fading them in using CSS3 animations. The only libraries used in the app are AngularJS (no jQuery) and Foundation (grid-only). All of the interactions use a combination of CSS3 and custom Angular directives.
  • Tropisign: HTML5 Game

    Tropisign Screenshot
    • HTML5
    • Web Games
    • JavaScript
    This simple & fun browser based HTML5 game was created as a promotion for Tropisign. It was built with MelonJS, a lightweight and powerful JavaScript game engine. Try it out on mobile in Mobile Safari or Chrome.
  • Siri Experiment

    Siri Button
    • CSS3
    • HTML Element Design
    The Apple Siri button was recreated in HTML and CSS3 and utilizes Chrome's speech input. The button was redesigned in the browser only using CSS3 gradients, transforms, perspectives, box-shadows and a variety of other styles. This project is best viewed in the most recent version of Google Chrome.
  • GlowTunes: HTML5 Audio Player Experiment

    Glow Tunes
    • HTML5 Canvas
    • CSS3
    • Web Audio API
    Glow Tunes is an HTML5 audio player experiment using the Web Audio API and HTML5's Canvas element for frequency animations. The design was made completely in the browser with no images, using CSS3 gradients & drop-shadows.

    The experiment is currently supported in Google Chrome 20+ & Safari 6+ browsers. Safari does not support frequency analyzers at this time, so I've created a playlist for users to play with.
  • Contix Logo

    • CSS3
    • HTML Element Design
    The Contix logo was recreated in HTML and CSS while using no images. The logo was successfully recreated with two HTML elements and CSS radial gradients. This project is best viewed in the most recent version of Google Chrome.