What We Do


We build applications that look great, get the job done and consistently provide a superior user experience.

Oracle, the world's largest database company, licenses software from Ikayzo for use in their products.

Industry Leadership

Ikayzo has worked with Google, IBM, Intel, Sun, Adobe, Oracle, Apache, Red Hat, BEA and SAP on developing technology standards for content management, scripting frameworks, language design, software modularity and desktop application toolkits.

A number of Ikayzo team members have ongoing book deals with O'Reilly Media, the publisher of an authoritative series of educational books on software and web development. Our programmers have also been active in the open source community for more than a decade, helping set the standards that undergird a number of key programming frameworks.


From New York to Tokyo, our customers range from database leader Oracle to trusted financial institutions including Bank of America, Nomura Securities and PIMCO.

We work with clients of all sizes – from startups to established Fortune 100 companies - in a variety of industries including finance, biotechnology, biofuels, social media, entertainment and fashion. Our clients span North America, Europe, and Japan and include tech industry leaders such as Oracle as well as major financial institutions, including Bank of America, Nomura Securities, and PIMCO. 


We are dedicated to creating designs that excite and inspire. Its not enough to have usable apps. We create apps that people want to use. Our design team has provided brand identity, user experience design (UXD) and other creative services for customers ranging from investment banks to fashion designers.

Ikayzo is a full service creative agency. We turn general concepts into inspiring brand identities and appealing user experiences. From fashion to finance, our design team has provided brand identity, user experience design and other creative services for clients across a broad range of industries. We invite you to review our work in brand identity and interactive design.


Ikayzo develops desktop, web and mobile applications for the iOS (iPhone / iPad / iPod), Android, Windows and OS X platforms. We also build native desktop clients for corporate and government customers.

Ikayzo engineers include recognized industry experts in Java, .NET, iOS and Ruby on Rails. We have also performed pioneering work using Google Web Toolkit, which provides a set of tools for creating advanced browser-based applications. If you want your product to match the responsiveness of Google products, please contact us. Our team can serve as architecture consultants or build your application from the ground up.

Our agile software development methodology and proven team will ensure your technology transparently facilitates reliable business transactions, freeing you to concentrate on your core competency - the business.

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Internationalization & Localization

Localization requires more than simple translation. It requires a deep understanding of a country's design culture. Local preferences for colors and layouts must be considered as well as functional concerns such as payment systems that vary from country to country.

Our team has experience performing localizations and developing applications for over 40 markets worldwide including Japan, South Korea, China, Saudi Arabia and most Western European countries.

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